Thematic and Customized Mandates

Serenity mandate

The Serenity mandate aims to preserve the value of your assets at maturity following the Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance (CPPI) methodology together with a rigorous approach to risk control.

The use of derivatives (futures and options) provides this mandate with an asymmetric risk/return profile. In adopting the CPPI methodology, CBH offers you a mandate able to take advantage of varied market conditions, while still aiming to maintain its capital protection objective* at maturity (*which is not a guarantee offered by the Bank).

Maturity and the target level of protection in the mandate are determined ex ante jointly with the client, but also depend on interest rates prevailing at the time of investment in the mandate.

Liberty mandate

Liberty mandates are managed on an active basis; this means that they do not follow a benchmark index and that the fund managers make investment decisions independently, based on their own investment ideas. Liberty mandates aim to provide clients with a totally flexible investment vehicle. This flexibility enables fund managers to take advantage of the investment opportunities offering the most interesting risk/reward profiles across the world. The investment universe comprises fixed-income instruments from all regions, with a bias to emerging nations and high-yield debt. The mandates mainly invest in strong currency instruments (EUR, USD and CHF) but also, have the possibility to invest in local currencies.

Customized mandates

Customized mandates are for clients looking to invest in a dedicated ad hoc portfolio. The allocation of benchmark assets and the main portfolio strategy are determined in close consultation with the clients so as to integrate their specific requirements into the investment process together with any legal restrictions on them. Asset allocation remains flexible and can be changed at any time at the client’s request.