Trusts & Foundations

We offer a customized analysis of your personal solutions taking into consideration all important aspects of your personal and commercial situation, such as the income, expenses, real estate, invesments, succession and retirement questions.

Trusts, foundations and other wealth structures can help managing complex family wealth. They can protect, simplify and manage your family needs across generations.

History of Bahamian Trusts

The Bahamas has a long history of commitment to trusts, with trust law dating back to the 19th century.

The Trustee Act 1998, which places The Bahamas at the forefront of international trust legislations, is complemented by the Trust (Choice of Governing Law) Act 1989, the Fraudulent Disposition Act 1991, the Perpetuities Act 1995 and the Purpose Trust Act 2004.

The jurisdiction continues to be responsive to the evolving international market requirements and the needs of trust companies, advisers and clients. The introduction of purpose trust legislation and amendments to the perpetuity period are just two examples of new initiatives to enhance the country’s trust legislation environment.